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The Seeds

Music: Marty Willson-Piper “The Sniper”

Remember this guy? Of course you do. He played in the Australian band The Church way back in the 80s. I started laying out the plot after researching for the better part of a month. I became stuck until I listened to this song and had one of those “Ah-ha” moments (the moment, not the 80s band). The lyrics sort of gave me a push, but also the slow plodding of the music, which reminded me of slowly marching and moving towards an objective which is never clearly defined. 

So now I am at the beginning, and chapter one at that. And I am blogging this novel, so hit it up for bits and pieces, along with pics, links, short stories, more links, commentary, and insignificant matters. Feel free to comment, keep it apolitical. 



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