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Somewhere, around here, there is a demon lurking

Did it again. This time it was actually interesting and not really goofing off. I started looking around and following links, but this time I did not find any weird conspiracy theory involving lizard people, Obama, and the Illuminati. I found demons. I have no idea where Portal, Georgia is. I’m going to assume it’s … Continue reading

Done and Done

Both are short. Both are cheap. What do you think? Mongrels This was a short story I wrote to give the character in my novel a background. I remember one of my professors told me that was a good exercise to use when writing. Especially for characterization. It’s also free, if you look at the … Continue reading

Writing For Income?

I waded knee deep into this novel I’m trying to write. The longer it went on the more frustrated I became. Not from any real problem, or even “writer’s block”, whatever that is. I started goofing off when I should have been writing. I started looking at publishers and agents. You know? Counting my chickens. … Continue reading

Happy Hiker Trash

Life is short, climb a mountain!


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