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Somewhere, around here, there is a demon lurking

Did it again. This time it was actually interesting and not really goofing off. I started looking around and following links, but this time I did not find any weird conspiracy theory involving lizard people, Obama, and the Illuminati. I found demons.

I have no idea where Portal, Georgia is. I’m going to assume it’s in the southern part of my state. Here’s hoping. It seems war is very traumatic (you think?). People are cashing in on it though. I’m not sure I agree with what this “minister” is doing, because it smacks of pseudo-religion/psychology. But if it helps, meh. Exorcise on.

Demon Camp at Salon.com

On the face of it, this seems like a good idea. Helpful even. But they (Demon Camp) is not a charity. They make money off of this. Which is why I am a little perturbed. I’m a veteran and I am very critical of the last president and this one regarding their treatment of active duty and veterans. Republicans and Democrats routinely gut legislation, cut benefits, and ignore anything that has anything to do with veterans and the military. It looks good to wave a flag. It sounds good to beat a war drum (catchy beat). It feels good. So good. Just look at the d-bag from my state, Saxby Chambliss. He dodged the draft during Vietnam (damn law school, damn football injury, damn I’d like to go and fight but you see I’m not going to). He somehow had some people convinced he had somewhat been something somewhere over there, but he hadn’t. Meanwhile his opponent had left his legs over there. Saxby votes against legislation and expenditures that go to help veterans. If our elected officials were required to serve in some capacity before they could even be considered for these cushy positions as robber barons and oligarchs there wouldn’t be any beef from me (Starship Troopers anyone?). The fact is they aren’t, and so they do as they see fit, which makes Demon Camp possible.

I know nothing of Demon Camp other than the few articles I read. It may be the people charging a few hundred to rid a combat veteran of “demons” actually care about us. Besides everybody has to make a buck, and our elected officials have created a vacuum that needs to be filled. Why shouldn’t a pentecostalesque minister and a few others fill it? At any rate I will be getting the book, Demon Camp by Jennifer Percy, from Amazon ($13.99, a little high for an ebook).

FYI: Portal, Georgia is located in Bulloch County to the southeast of Atlanta. There ain’t nothing down that way except Georgia Southern University and a long string of dry towns (no alcohol). I would not recommend visiting. Here’s a link to the place: Bear Creek Ranch

Demon Camp by Jennifer Percy



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