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Enviable Positions- and other myths

Here’s a link (right up front, so you know where this is going): The Review review, The New Yorker Rejects Itself Read it? Good, here goes. Most of us underlings spend a small amount of time attempting to place ourselves somewhere on the ladder, other than where we are. If you’re a cop it might … Continue reading

The Apostle by Brad Thor

Sometimes you read trash. Why? Let’s see… Simon and Schuster Publishing gave Snooki a book deal, twice. That means they, “they” being the gatekeepers of literature, thought Snooki might have something to add to the canon of literature. If I had to choose between Snooki and Brad Thor, I’d go with Brad Thor every single … Continue reading

Media Monday

I won’t lie. We watch the Walking Dead. By “we” I mean Bailey and I, Michelle won’t have anything to do with it. I will speculate the reasons why so many guys like the show has something to do with an adolescent fascination with not only Zombies, Zombie movies, and the gore, but also the … Continue reading

Written Words Wednesday

I’ll try my damnedest to post about a book I’m reading every Wednesday. This should keep me on my toes, because while I used to read a book every week I have fallen behind. Let’s not get all excited, this does require some effort on my part, and you know how I feel about effort. … Continue reading

Trail Stuff

This is for my family and friends who asked about how we were going to survive while meandering towards Maine. If looking at, or reading about, backpacking gear does not hold your interest you should move along. Listen to music or something. Sleeping and Shelter Stuff The AT is unique, as far as hiking trails … Continue reading

Hey Cookie, what should I be listening to?

Let’s face it. You are just like me. A Gen-Xer, late 30s to 40s, maybe you’re married and have kids. The problem with our generation is we are stuck on Metallica, and possibly lamenting one Kurt Cobain (But why? He was a heroin addict and his best stuff was behind him. Embrace the Foo Fighter … Continue reading

Doom and Destruction on the Trail

“So what you gonna carry?” “The usual things. A shelter system, water treatment, extra socks, stove, food, and…” “Naw, man! What kind of pistol?” “I’m not going to take one.” “Why not?” And then the conversation ensued with my father-in-law. Preface to the whole thing is in order. I was a police for over ten … Continue reading


I am located here: My plan is to start here: Travel north to this place: And climb to the top of this: I’m not walking 2,180 miles by myself. I’m taking Superman (aka Tank, aka Bailey, aka cleanyourdamnroom): My son has taken to using acronyms as actual speech. Oddly enough backpackers, specifically long distance hikers, … Continue reading

Happy Hiker Trash

Life is short, climb a mountain!


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