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The Apostle by Brad Thor


Sometimes you read trash. Why? Let’s see… Simon and Schuster Publishing gave Snooki a book deal, twice. That means they, “they” being the gatekeepers of literature, thought Snooki might have something to add to the canon of literature. If I had to choose between Snooki and Brad Thor, I’d go with Brad Thor every single time. His name if friggin’ Thor.

I do have some problems with this work, The Apostle, but it’s easy enough to dismiss them and see this book for what it is. It is quick entertainment for those that watch or listen to Glenn Beck and Sean Hannitty. If you watch Fox News this here is your read. If you are down with all that America-Love-It-Or-Leave-It crowd, the jingoistic set, and you don’t mind unnecessary parallel plots, you can read this book and not be pissed.

I’m not part of that particular demographic, but I read it, and I still not get pissed. It’s television with words. I got it as an ebook, which is convenient, and cheap. Thor was a television script writer by trade and went on to finagle his way into gub’mint work as a consultant. He does not have any experience hunting and killing terrorists, but he does have T.V. under his belt (the PBS travel show “Traveling Light”, which he produced and hosted). So, there you go.

This work is a stand alone, but it involves a staple character. Scot Harvath is a former Navy Seal, turned Secret Service agent, turned high level terrorist killer, turned government contractor. I have not read any of the former books with this character, but I can surmise he put a great deal of round down range. Is this character believable?

In what sense? Yes and no. For this story, sure. In real life, no.

The story:  A media moguls daughter is kidnapped while working in Afghanistan on an NGO project. The POTUS, who is newly elected, owes the mogul big time. The Pres. contacts Harvath to come visit. The mogul and the President convince Harvath to travel to Afghanistan and do whatever it takes to get the daughter back. *Minor Spoiler* they don’t want money, they want a high level Taliban general whom the government of Afghanistan has in custody. There is more to it, some intrigue and such, but you get the idea. The plot focuses on the goings on in Afghanistan, but there is a side story back in D.C., which is completely unnecessary and distracting. It has to do with the President and the media mogul, and it does not drive the characters at all. In fact, it introduces some fodder characters which could have been edited out.

Who is this book for? If you are sitting in a patrol car and have a break, are in the barracks, deployed somewhere and have some down town, or if you have a hammock. It doesn’t take too much out of your intellect to read it. This isn’t a work for the Pulitzer committee. Brad Thor writes to entertain people, and that’s good. Dump your politics while reading if you are left leaning or Libertarian, this is clearly a rah-rah U S A book. But then again it is not going to be taught in a political theory class. It wouldn’t make a bad movie.

Next on Deck: I piss away some time and read YA fiction. 13 Reasons Why, to be exact.

UPDATE: Brad Thor, being a Hollywood insider, has apparently got the wheels rolling for movie deals regarding this character. Lions of Lucerne, the first Scot Harvath novel, was picked up by a production company and is in development (checked on imdb, but didn’t see any actors listed). With Tom Clancy deceased (Oh woe is me), there will be some jockeying for position to assume the throne of military thriller and suspense emperor. Brad Thor is a likely candidate.




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