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Time is not your friend

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 Today is my son’s birthday. Thirteen years flew by. Now, more than ever, I am looking forward to our upcoming “journey”. For a little while, 5 months or so, time will stall as we walk north towards Maine from Springer Mountain. At first, when relatives heard of our plan, they were … Continue reading

Because it’s there

Is your life a dull, brassy, patina? Just enough shine in it to make you want to get up to see what comes next. Or maybe it’s lacking in just about everything. Need some inspiration to become a wanderer? An adventurer? Read “Wild”, but don’t jump on the heroin addiction just to have something to … Continue reading

Not Far Off

I received an email about my analogy regarding the publishing industry. This person took a personal affront to corporate publishing being on the bad side (the Nazi Party). Why? I have no idea. They received one check from Penguin Random House and all of a sudden they believe the publishing company is a benevolent good … Continue reading


It’s no secret that word is funny. One would think it had something to do with pulling things out of your ass. The truth is, it comes from the Greek for “proportion”, and we use it to show comparison. I really like reading J. A. Konrath’s blog. For those that are unfamiliar, Konrath is an … Continue reading

Map Making B.S.

Background stuff (next week it will be characters, plot, and what not) In 1978 the official road map for the state of Michigan had two towns on it that are very hard to find, even if you were to drive there. Goblu and Beatosu, Michigan, are quaint and picturesque. Antique stores? By gone era America … Continue reading

All In One (Media Monday, Words on Wednesday, and AT)

My wife and I have this concoction we make for dinner when time is not so handy. We called it “all in one”. You boil your pasta, brown the meat, and then combine the two, throw in your vegetation, sauce, cheese, cover it or throw it in the oven for a few, and you are … Continue reading

Known Unknowns (or why do we judge books by their covers)

  It is a dirty little secret of all categories of publishing. Indie, self, and those big evil conglomerations that rule the roost (Simon Schuster, et. al.). Cover art will make or break a book. It is unfortunate that those on the indie side have few resources at their disposal. Unless you have a relative … Continue reading

Missed It

The entire week absconded. Time has a way of doing that. Getting away from me is easy to do. A moment will slip, an hour will run, a day will vanish. Then I look around and POOF! It’s Saturday. Joan Rivers died, ISIS killed it, Obama said some words which people either agree with or … Continue reading

Never a Good Idea

Want to shock people? Come up with something so benign it hurts, and then add something at the other end of the spectrum. What if: Instead of getting the Christmas Spirit old Ebenezer decided money was more important? What if he went to little Tim’s funeral and then went to dinner with friends later on? … Continue reading

Working it…

My son does not read my crap. My son will not read my crap. I wrote that knowing he would never read it. He won’t. He is one of those kids (12-14 years of age) that relegates themselves to reading what they have to (school), what they want to (instant gratification), or what interests them … Continue reading

Happy Hiker Trash

Life is short, climb a mountain!


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