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Media Monday: Louis C.K. is filthy, seasons endings, and pimping is easy if you are a pimp

Welcome to Labor Day. The first Monday in September is taken off to commemorate America’s hidden Socialist/Marxist tendencies. I grilled some hot dogs, went to Home Depot to purchase a new toilet flusher knob thingy, took out the trash, repaired the toilet flusher thingy, printed a bunch a school related stuff, look at the bathroom and then cleaned it. Thanks comrade Marx. This is truly a Socialist paradise. (Sigh) One day.

Things I do not have in common with Vladimir Putin: I have actually hunted animals and killed them, I clean my own bathroom, and I have a Netflix account. Sorry Vlad, but the powers that be in D.C. shut yours off. It’s okay, guys shouldn’t watch Orange is the New Black. It’s probably a remake of Oz for the Lifetime Movie crowd. I’ll tell you what you have missed though. Louis C.K.

Is C.K. under appreciated, or given too much credit. I say not enough. His bit about the “N Word” kills every time. He’s right to. News anchors shouldn’t put the word in our head making us say it to ourselves because we have to assign meaning. They’re the ones that want to say it in the first place. And all those other words as well. If you catch Louis C.K. on any talk show he seems all mild and introspective. He throws some witty stuff around, gets a few laughs, and then he is congratulated for his success in stand up. He strikes me as being somewhat depressed, and something else. Normal. He is a normal guy. That makes him dirty. He will throw words in his routine, words that shock, and at the same time make you think. Like the N Word (made you think it), and a word for gay people that begins with F (did it again). Some people become offended. I’m sure they fire off emails to him.

Mr. Louis C.K.,

You obviously need counseling. In a polite society we do not speak in the manner you did at the show I attended this week. I was mortified, as was my black gay lover who is currently undergoing gender reassignment procedures blah blah blah. Insensitive blah blah outlandish blah shocked to hear blah blah and we will never attend or purchase blah blah blah.

I give Louis C.K. five stars. He’s funny, logical, and insightful. I don’t normally watch stand up on television, or Netflix, but I made an exception for him. Glad I did it. I will also mention I have a thin skin and learned how to curse while in the military (taken to new heights while a patrol officer, and even higher levels after having a son who left Legos on the floor in the darkest of nights).

Season Finale of…

Falling Skies. I really hope Noah Wyle has something on the back burner. I lost interest. It’s in the DVR, and I’m sure I’ll watch those last three or so episodes.

Last Ship: Looking forward to the new season. I do hope this is a two year gig, and not something the studio is hoping to drag out.

Walking Dead

Let me ruin it for everybody. Glen will die. It’s in the comic book. He’s a goner. Not sure about Daryl, he’s  not in the comic. Glen is finished though. Sorry.

The residents of Coweta County and the Newnan area of Georgia are getting a little annoyed with this show. It seems it has drawn crowds of gawkers to the locale and some residents are complaining about this nuisance. Suck it up folks. They’ll wrap up filming here and move on soon. Bask in the attention. When was the last time anyone cared about Newnan, Georgia? When will they care again?

You can tell it is the end of the world

Real Housewives of… My wife does watch this genre. She keeps it on in the background while grading papers. I walk through the room and have to make my commentary. Lately I have begun to wonder how anybody could hate gay people. The guy that hosts the roundtable (or separated couches) discussion after the shows with the “ladies”, and sometimes their husbands, present is a saint. He has to put up with exorbitant amounts of whining about who said what and about whom. These people engage in intellectual exercises that most freshmen in high school consider too demeaning. I am surprised the NSA, CIA, or DHS has not considered conducting a drone strike on the studio while all of these worthless bags of water and silicone are gathered in one place. It must be out of consideration for that gay guy. I like him. I feel really sorry for him too. They probably are not paying him enough to put up with those hags. What strikes me about this show (any one of the incarnations) is how meaningless the people are. They have zero worth. They have money, but lack souls, which makes them vampires or simple animals. Bravo, the network, engages the lowest denominator to offer satisfaction. Bravo should be an optional channel, one I could trade out for something else worthwhile, like MTVU (which went away when we changed UVerse packages, but much to my chagrin Bravo remained). Watching anything on Bravo is like watching Fox News. You might be entertained, for a few minutes, but there is not going to be anything new (“She said I was a whore!” and “Obama is the anti-Christ!”). Sooner or later the viewers with brain stems intact will come to their senses and change the channel. Bravo Network is the pimp of television networks. Not the good kind of pimp (if there is such a thing). They are the pimp that drags something out of the trunk of a Buick, beats it, puts it on a magazine cover (Us, People, or any of the other rags), and then demands you pay them even though you don’t want what they have. The only thing Bravo has convinced me of is that New Jersey is filled with shrill voiced trollops and Orange County is a gated community for leathered skinned harpies.



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