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My son does not read my crap.

My son will not read my crap.

I wrote that knowing he would never read it. He won’t. He is one of those kids (12-14 years of age) that relegates themselves to reading what they have to (school), what they want to (instant gratification), or what interests them (the few and far between of research). He did ask me a question yesterday.

“Hey Dad?”


“You ever heard of Wattpad?”


I became intrigued. Wattpad is a Canadian thing. Short, and sometimes long novel length, stories are posted. Free. He had hit upon one or two that kept his attention. I know enough about Wattpad to understand the ins and outs, and some writers have even gone so far as to extol its virtues. Why do I post this? Because if my kid is on it you should be. If you are an author get an account and start posting. Use it for your “Beta-readers”, or whatever. You know how these things work. If there are seventeen blog posts or articles about it before this one you are falling behind because Facebook is so much like what your Mom is using. Seriously. My Mom uses Facebook. Google+? The jury is still out. Wattpad for writers. Do it. I’m shoving some short stories up there. I’ll post links tomorrow. You post comments. To Wattpad. Not here. I could not care any less about this blog. Not that I won’t keep it up, I’m just sayin’. Wattpad.

Now on to the music.

I don’t care what they say about that guy from Fun, I like his new group (Steel Train or whatever it is aside). I do want to get better.

I heard this several months ago (thanks to Sirius XM Alt Nation). How’s that for being a hipster? Alt Nation and satellite radio enables us. Why my friends were getting high and chasing girls… Now I’m standing at the overpass screaming… I wanna get better!

True Dat! Sertraline is the generic name of Zoloft. I’m sorry I never heard of take your daughter to work day… Does it work? No idea, but everybody I know has been on it. “This is my abortion dog.” Get better.

I put a bullet where I should have put a helmet/ I didn’t know I was lonely until I saw your face/ I didn’t know I was broken until I wanted to change.

Just came out of a coma? Well, a lot has changed, and you shouldn’t keep using that. What a drag. Tell me you were shot and then I’ll give you some love.

Yes, the Bleachers are people from FUN. The same ones that brought you “We Are Young” and “Some Nights”. At least the guitar player, I think. Why? Why would he go do something with other people? That’s wrong.


The same reason that guy from Kings of Leon went and did something else. Here is a song about a tranny:

Artists can do that. Move around. Try something different. Musicians are more adept at it than writers, but we should take notice. If you write literary fiction change it up and try some sci-fi (who knows, you could end up with the next Time Traveler’s Wife).

While I don’t write YA fiction I will dip my toe in the river. Hoping, praying, my son will like it. I’ll test it. Give myself a pen name so he won’t know. I’m open to suggestions. But keep in mind porn names consist of the name of your first pet (Ralph) and the first street you lived on (Cherrywood). So if you see that, it is me. Ralph Cherrywood. No shit. Ask my Mom. On Facebook.




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