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NANOWRIMO Forums and Police work questions

Funny thing about people embarking on a voyage to the unknown. They don’t know. It’s just writing. Calm it down. I received emails from a stampede of people, all of them wondering about what to do with the plot or character. They are all writing police procedurals, or maybe some sort of supernatural mystery, it’s … Continue reading

Editing Stuff

Trying to fix things, creative things, is not for the faint of heart. Currently I am editing a work for a friend. They get a lower rate than the rest, but most of the attention. Go figure. This thing is a jigsaw puzzle of horse poop made of hardened pig shit. I could put it … Continue reading

Advice to my son about…

Women. To be specific, wives. It has assaulted my ears. And my vision. I am speaking of TLC’s program, “90 Day Fiance“. It strikes me as a mash-up of “Big Brother” meets any show on WE TV about weddings. Without the full blown Bridezilla stuff. They have 90 days to convince the potential spouse to … Continue reading

Preparing for day one

You might take a break from the election and political storms brewing to put some things together for NANOWRIMO. In a previous post I mentioned my method. Research, character sketch, plot outline, and wait. All in the seven days prior to zero hour. I’ve done most of that. The research part anyway. It is not … Continue reading

Tastes like chicken

If you have never had alligator people have a way of describing it. “It tastes like chicken.” It doesn’t. That is the fallback position on food that we have never tried. Meat anyway. Why does every exotic meat come with that label? It should be stuck to the package. Tastes Like Chicken! But it’s not. … Continue reading

What Wattpad

I’m still on the fence regarding the DIY approach to Indie publishing. But I’m more on the indie side than traditional, so that is something. Found this nugget in my inbox this morning about the self publishing route: “After” was picked up by Paramount, and as is the case a publisher latched on. Right now … Continue reading

Current events! HURRY!!! Now, now, now!

In the world of literature you get lucky.┬áDavid Baldacci wrote “Absolute Power”, it sold and kind of sat under the radar. Until the President of the United States of America was caught up in a sex scandal, and then that lonely novel, which was doing okay was made into a movie. Current events can do … Continue reading

Was it all that you wanted? Along with a hype you up pep talk

TWD, that zombie show, or The Walking Dead, had its season premier Sunday night. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel. It was worth it. SPOILERS AHEAD!!! Just as all was lost the Amazonian Styled Warrior Queen, Carol, came to the rescue. Close cropped hair and all. She’s learned how to handle firearms and formulate plans like an … Continue reading

Dry, fed, watered, north

So we are in the final stages of this “gettin’ ready to get ready”, and we are street fighting over stoves, and everything else. Bailey insists on a titanium alcohol doo-dad, and I’m sticking with an MSR Pocket Rocket (I’ve had it for years and I know it works). “Too heavy, cut grams, get your … Continue reading

Human Nature?

This morning I was finishing up some research on my home state. As usual I meandered through a heap of news stories dating back to the dark ages (1990s). In Georgia there was one event that captured attention. The murder of Sara Tokars. It’s been over twenty years since she was murdered in front of … Continue reading

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