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Tastes like chicken

If you have never had alligator people have a way of describing it.

“It tastes like chicken.”

It doesn’t. That is the fallback position on food that we have never tried. Meat anyway. Why does every exotic meat come with that label? It should be stuck to the package. Tastes Like Chicken! But it’s not. And it never does. I saw an interview the other day with one of “those guys” from “that soccer team” that crashed in the Andes back in the 70’s. They ate one of the people who died as a result of injuries. I wonder if it went down like last nights episode of The Walking Dead?

Poor Bob. Those guys from Terminus are eating his foot (Walking Dead reference). The video is Silversun Pickups “Cannibal”, and I decided to locate music related to just that. You can find your own meanings.


Toto Coelo, a one hit wonder from the U.K. You heard this on Album 88 (the now defunct Georgia State University radio station) when the Best of Britain came on.

They’re still around. Darryl Hall even does a radio/television gig with musical guests, and that thing on HGTV where he fixed up his house. John Oates originally penned it as a reggae song. This version is fine.

The classic, Timothy. Miners trapped during a cave in, get hungry. Timothy, where did you go?

“Michael”, from another 80’s and Athens, Georgia, favorite, Guadalcanal Diary. It’s all about what happened to Michael Rockefeller (yes of the actual Rockefellers of fortune and fame) in 1961, lost somewhere in New Guinea. A village chief recounted, years later, how they ate him when he made it to shore. Lesson? New Guinea is very much like the old Guinea, and headhunters still eat people.

I changed our family dinner menu. From something with hamburger to chicken and gnocchi with parma rosa sauce. I wonder if people taste like chicken? Or maybe chicken tastes like people? I’ll try not to think about it.



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