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Preparing for day one

You might take a break from the election and political storms brewing to put some things together for NANOWRIMO. In a previous post I mentioned my method. Research, character sketch, plot outline, and wait. All in the seven days prior to zero hour. I’ve done most of that. The research part anyway. It is not that hard for me to finish the character sketches. I do them while conducting research. The plot sort of uncoils from that box as well.

In the interim I decided to do something different. I wanted to crank out some short stories related to guns. Why? Well I carried them as an occupation for many years. People are in one way or another opinionated about them. I only see them as objects. A tool. These days I only take the tools out when I go hunting, and that is when the idea came to me.

Bailey and I were sitting on the side of a mountain in the Chestatee WMA last week. We hunted for deer. I only saw a few, and a handful of black bears. We came up with snake eyes and brought nothing home after four days. While contemplating bear scat, muscadines, and the slow to warm air, I looked at our rifles.

He was carrying an older Marlin lever gun, and I had an old Winchester Model 70. I thought, “Those are hunting rifles.” If you saw those two particular rifles you would have no doubt that is what they were used for. I wondered about the guns I had carried in the past. Not hunting rifles by any stretch. I wondered about guns in general, and why we give them a meaning. So I went with it. I scribbled a few notes and found I had one or two short stories I had not submitted where guns were a theme. Not in the sense that they were central, but they were there.

I decided to hammer out a few more short stories with guns being good, bad, and indifferent, over the next few days. One a day until Friday. As they come out I will slap them into Wattpad, for a little while. A little while being until December.

If you haven’t pulled anything out your butt to write about, or think nothing will live up to the goal of being 50,000 words worthy, here are some starters:
1. A guy/girl on the run from the mob
2. A gay boxer
3. Two people plotting to kill somebody for fun, only it turns out the target is a serial killer
4. A woman is pregnant and has no idea how it happened, and neither do the doctors. Draw your own conclusions (divine, demonic, crazy). Does she give birth? Is she married?
5. Lottery ticket. Enough said.
6. A dysfunctional Christmas
7. Two hunters find a body. Who is it? Why is it? Are they being watched? Yep.
8. You find out your kid is not yours, and not your spouses either! What is going on?
9. Tightrope walking acrobatic circus family moonlights as art thieves. The headstrong daughter (or son) falls in love with somebody upsetting the next heist.
10. What goes on at a funeral home? Really? I’m serious. What goes on there?

If you need something else, comment or email. I’m never tapped out of ideas, only time. Hit me up on the NANOWRIMO website, still Kennesaw region. Still not going to meet at any coffee shop. I’m not a hipster.



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