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John pointed north

I decided to keep with the theme of who inspired this journey. The other day it was Phil, and his dog (now mine). Tonight I’m jumping further back. To when I was a kid. I’m a product of divorce. Such a thing was unheard of and scandalous up until the 1970’s. Well my parents got … Continue reading


I dropped an application to scribble articles and blog posts for a website during our thru-hike. It should pay enough to get beer and Snickers bars every week or so. One of the questions it asked was who inspired me to do a thru-hike (I should say us, because Bailey suggested it). I’m not sure. … Continue reading

Best laid plans…

We are now at the 100 day mark. Things will either come together, or be stalled for a few days, but we are in agreement. We are leaving, walking, and sleeping in the woods. Hopefully we will finish, and I have fretted enough over gear to make that happen. We had a “cold snap”, or … Continue reading

Less than…Greater than

We checked the calendar and the date is closing in. Thirteen months ago we pegged the first week of March, 2015, as the start date of our thru-hike. The day we decided “Yes, this is what we will do,” we had over a year to plan it. Since that day we have scrounged gear, fooled … Continue reading

There’s plain, and there’s plain

I’ve been reading (and writing) on a schedule the last few days. I leaned in and started researching Anabaptist theology because…because… It sounded interesting. I’ve learned some things, and I am questioning others. That’s a start. What boggles my mind is the application of vocabulary. Hear me out! I have a liberal arts degree, but … Continue reading

Plot line

Most of us get the three act structure for fiction. A bland start, the status quo is presented, and then somewhere within the next few pages “it” goes down. Some people like to use Joseph Campbell’s mono-myth structure from “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”. Right down to the most discrete detail. Even the part … Continue reading

That Character

I gave him a name. Arthur Pender. He’s from somewhere around here, and his father was a racist SOB. It’s 1957, and Artie is wandering the world, until something happens. Not a real thing, it’s inside him. He has some letters that he kept. One he got from his father while he was fighting in … Continue reading

Happy Hiker Trash

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