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You know how I missed Words on Wednesday?

I also missed a heaping helping of Media Mondays! Let’s fix that. I hit briefly upon Dan Woodrell’s “Outlaw Album” for the Words on Wed. So I’ll keep going with that. Ride With The Devil. It ain’t no “Outlaw Josey Wales”, but that’s okay. It’s different. Josey Wales attempted to give a glimpse into the … Continue reading


I have totally dropped the Words on Wednesday gig, and I’m sorry about that. I have been editing (my job), monitoring (Bailey), and getting out and about with Bailey. So here’s the low down: I’m reading Daniel Woodrell’s short story collection “The Outlaw Album“. Daniel (can I call him Dan? I’ll do it without his … Continue reading


Be a dirt bag. Not the quintessential type, with nefarious intentions, low intellect, crude language, and loose morals. The frugal kind. We Americans are in love with spending funds. We like making money, complain when we aren’t making enough, and, despite what some commentators on national news will tell you, we like to spend it. … Continue reading

A roof over our heads

I know I made a big deal about the hammocks. I know I sang the praises of the Warbonnet Blackbird (thanks Brandon, for making a product that allows me to enjoy the backcountry). Bailey was wishing he could hang his Hennessy in his bedroom, and forego a bed altogether. What changed? The weather. My research. … Continue reading

You can’t name yourself

When we are born parents name us. In the tradition of Native Americans a person receives several names over a period of time. So “Cry of the Owl” is given at birth, by the family, and later on a “sacred” name between the child and the shaman, and then again in adolescence another, until finally … Continue reading

Gen X, Death, Balance, and Mike Clements American-American

How does one post personal stuff? The last few weeks have been a shit storm. I’m sure most of us can agree the Holidays bring out the worst in the fates. And they did. If you had sex you have a kid and they are causing you grief (they should post warnings about that). If … Continue reading

Spirit of 76

I went out with Michelle today as she navigated a few stores for some Christmas shopping. It was more of a “what’s in it for me,” thing. We ended up looking for an item that is scarce for some reason. Those sun shields for car windshields. I need one. I’m just not inclined to spend … Continue reading

Losing my religion, or changing it because…

I am one of those people. The ones who analyze their positions and thoughts, hoping they are correct, or possibly in the ball park. Sometimes I am shored up, and vindicated. Sometimes I am proven wrong, by myself or another. So I take the Philippians 2:12 seriously. Which is why I am leaving the Catholic … Continue reading

In a hurricane of frowns…

The original Capital Cities video for Safe and Sound   Cold enough? Not yet? It will be. That’s my only worry about this thru-hike. Walking with my son through the woods, far from a Motel 6 or a bar with beer on tap, and shivering for night after night. I did a few impromptu “tests” … Continue reading

That little?

Not much time left. It is creeping up on us. Not Christmas, the thru-hike. We are less than 90 days out from footstep one on the Appalachian Trail. What are we still fretting about? It turns out a great deal. Both of us: Top quilt, under quilt, base layers, stuff sacks or garbage bags/trash compactor … Continue reading

Happy Hiker Trash

Life is short, climb a mountain!


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