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Gen X, Death, Balance, and Mike Clements American-American

How does one post personal stuff?


The last few weeks have been a shit storm. I’m sure most of us can agree the Holidays bring out the worst in the fates. And they did. If you had sex you have a kid and they are causing you grief (they should post warnings about that). If you have parents, well you might have gone off on a journey that led you somewhere between an encephalitis laden rant about the virtues of the Tea Party and the obvious lack of respect for your elders. Congratulations. You are now in the fold. Maybe you are like me. Drove around 30 and woke up around your 40s. I read somewhere Gen-X felt entitled. I don’t feel entitled. I just feel…

Mike Clements, American-American, died.

I worked with him, back in the day. We were patrol officers.

Mike was a biker. Not the kind that rides a Harley. He did so under his own propulsion, which would do Dr. T. Craker proud. He rode a mountain and BMX bike. He was a man, and he rode a bike. Don’t judge. I would like to invoke the spirit of teaching Dr. Craker in stating that man is compelled to move, and how he does chooses to do so is his business. And could trick. I won’t post pictures, but he was more than capable of holding his own in an X-Games competition. Which strikes me. It strikes me down.

Mike and I were the same age. Reading the Facebook and other social media responses to his passing makes it clear. We are all allotted time, and once it is up, well… the gig is up. But why Mike?

Like I said we were cops working the same shift. He ended up leaving the profession before I did due to injuries. That’s right folks. Cops get hurt on the job. And Mike had a devastating one. He completed SWAT training, and then he was suffered a back injury. Try as he might, try as we all would under obligations, he failed. He could not physically serve the people.

While that would drive some men to the deep end of the ocean it became an opportunity for Mike. As Dr. Craker would say “Men are capable of great things in the face of adversity. Things like taking care of their families.” I paraphrased.

He ended up working for Corsair. Yes, that Corsair.

I showed my son, Bailey. I actually was acquainted with a person who worked at Corsair and he was AMAZED. Can I get a free computer? Do I know how to build? Can this guy build for him? I have the money, will I ask?

Oddly enough I never asked. Mike was Mike. He was a good guy. Would he have built an ultimate gaming computer for my son? Probably. And at nominal cost for me. I never asked, and nor would I. Why? Because. He was Mike Clements, American-American, and he would have done it. It was enough to know he would have done it.

That’s the lesson.

You are going to run across people like that. Mike. Maybe you will end up adopting their fat ass dog (Phil O’Neill). It doesn’t matter. You do it. Why? Because. Mike Clements was Mike Clements American-American. Phil O’Neill was a black hat and had a jump beret tilted to the left over his eye. Here’s the thing, get ready for it Gen-X…

We are terminal. From the time we exit the womb screaming until we draw our last breath. We are on the plate and up for grabs. We are dying. Mike? That’s tragic. I hate it. Phil? We can call old warriors home, and nobody has a get out of death free card (Phil’s words not mine). We will all die. That is the awful truth.

I watched a video of Mike filmed by somebody who was probably a defense attorney (and was probably Christy Draper). That goes to show you. Mike had been, and was at heart, a cop. It didn’t matter to him if his friends were on one side or the other. He was fair. Most cops are like that.

So when you hate, be righteous. Only riot over one finger pointing at one particular person and one particular incident. Because to do otherwise would be to denigrate the memory of the thousands that were actually doing it right.

God speed, Mike Clements American American. And Phil O’Neill, American Hero/ TOP.

Can a Christian serve the government? Does it matter in the case of these men? I would postulate, counter to my religious beliefs, that they do go to Heaven. Being a good man matters, regardless of belief or sin. Who should we emulate?

Christ. In the absence of knowing Him, try Mike Clement American American, or Phil O’Neill. If those two aren’t a destination they certainly are a starting point. Both helped their fellow men, were understanding, and compassionate. Is that enough? No. But are any of us enough?


PS: Phil O’Neill’s dog is doing fine. She snores. This fact, coupled with the snoring of my wife, and the German Shepherd that has taken it upon herself to lead the coup d’etat, has pushed me into the guest bedroom two or three nights out of the week. Molly, the former dog of the Ranger and floppy hat Phil O’Neill, is by estimation the Che’ to the German Shepherds Castro. A willing assassin, and an instigator who believes the leader who does not go far enough. Viva la Revolucion!!!



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