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Media Day: Go Away

YouTube, like the internet, has changed the way we interact with information. Anybody can put anything (within reason) up on YouTube and away you go. A good bit is pretty much a trend watch, like all those Harlem Shake videos. Some of it is useful, like TED Talks. Bootleg movies, and comedy clips are always … Continue reading

Getting Home

Bailey and I walk daily. Mostly through our neighborhood, and as often as possible a local trail. Lately we started loading our packs with all the gear we will carry. I’m sure the neighbors believe we are a little “off”, except for Tim (next door), and Larry (across the street). To an outsider it appears … Continue reading

Michelle and I managed to go out to dinner tonight. It wasn’t an elaborate affair, just a restaurant she wanted to try. Afterwards we ended up at Target. She gathered a few things for her classroom and I, in typical fashion, went to the clearance sections. Most of the things I want are purchased online. … Continue reading

As it stands and how it appears to be

We have assimilated our gear. It isn’t pretty. That Need vs. Want has born it’s teeth and we have beaten it back with a trekking pole (REI brand, my Kommperdals are nice compared to those). So what have we ended up with? Bailey REI Crestrail 48 liter backpack Zissou sleeping bag Z-lite (torso length) sleeping pad … Continue reading

That Acronym Thing From One Of Those Classes You Were Forced To Attend

Having been in the military and law enforcement I had my share of unwanted and unwarranted classes that were mandatory. I went through instructor training in the military and as a police, so I know you should never ever clean a dry erase board by wiping from side to side (it makes your butt wiggle, … Continue reading

How you can tell things are changing

I woke my son up at around 8:00 AM this morning. I went into his room, just inside the door, and said “Hey man, get up,” and he did. He sat up in bed, looked around like freaked out coma patient, and then proceeded to his bathroom. He went through the motions in there I … Continue reading

Media What Day?

Should have been on Monday, but now it is on the darkest hour of Thursday/Friday. Remember the 80’s? I hate Baby Boomers. They had Elvis and the Beatles, which as we all know died (die Paul, we all know you were the Walrus. I played the White Album backwards.). The 80’s had the best music. … Continue reading

Gear List

Just to keep it straight in my head I decided to post my gear list. It’s probably redundant, and at just a little over 30 days out it needs some tuning up. Pack: Osprey Atmos 65- because I am carrying more food than Bailey and probably will end up with some of his gear. Shelter: Six … Continue reading

Quick! A horse! Let’s beat it. (Traditional Publishing being the horse)

Here’s the link: Konrath on 2015 And the results: Amazon is the reader’s friend Let’s make this a summary. I didn’t see the debate, but I can imagine Turow was witty and Konrath backed up his position with facts. Notice I didn’t give Turow the benefit of the doubt regarding the use of facts. He is … Continue reading

This was a test…

We took the Six Moon Designs Lunar Duo Outfitter for a test ride last night. We set it up a few times since we got it, but had not slept in it. Since we can’t get to the backcountry any time soon we tested it in the front yard. A little tip for those who … Continue reading

Happy Hiker Trash

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