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Gear List

Just to keep it straight in my head I decided to post my gear list. It’s probably redundant, and at just a little over 30 days out it needs some tuning up.

Pack: Osprey Atmos 65- because I am carrying more food than Bailey and probably will end up with some of his gear.

Shelter: Six Moon Designs Lunar Duo Outfitter, ground cloth (Tyvek)

Sleep: Marmot Sawtooth 15 degree down bag, Ridgerest torso length pad

Cooking: MSR Pocket Rocket, one of the big canisters (8 oz. of fuel? I have like six of them laying around here), GSI Soloist pot, a titanium spoon (may switch out to a Dairy Queen plastic one they give you when you order a Blizzard).

Water: Aquamira (that’s some high quality h2o), Smart water bottles (two of them in the 1 Liter size?), a bigger Platypus bag for water collection before we make camp.

Clothing I hike in (and might use to sleep in): REI brand Sahara pants (zip off legs, but who cares), synthetic base layer shirt (short sleeve), long sleeve 1/4 zip synthetic shirt, Darn Tuff socks (2 pairs), Salomon trail runners (which will probably be replaced after the Smokeys. I don’t see the footbox holding up past that). Ex Officio boxer briefs (two pair). My Arc’ Teryx beanie (it’s warm, so I’ll sleep in it)

Clothing I sleep in: Merino wool long underwear bottoms, synthetic long sleeve shirt (REI capilene), wool socks. Crocks or flip flops? They’ll do double duty in town.

Hey! It’s cold out!: REI full zip mid-weight fleece, REI Co-Op 600 fill down jacket. I’ve got another synthetic 1/4 zip (Under Armor) I’m bringing that stops wind (I doubt it, what can stop the wind?).

It’s Dark!: Black Diamond headlamp. I’ve heard good and bad. It uses AAA batteries, and it is bright. I’ll keep the batteries out until I need it.

Trekking Poles: Komperdell’s. They’re just trekking poles. Nothing fancy.

It’s raining: The debate went back and forth, and I decided to go cheap. Frogg Toggs. The jacket and pants. It will be another layer of insulation in the cold, and will keep me relatively dry if it rains. I’m only concerned about rain during the cold periods. When it’s hot I’ll just be wet, because nothing keeps you dry after May.

The bits and bobs: Samsung Galaxy 5 will be our link to the outside world, camera, and entertainment center. A small journal, and pen, for keeping track of stuff that happens. A buff for when my hair gets to long, to cover my mouth when I sleep, and to filter out dirt when I get water. A bunch of ziplock bags. A repair kit and first aid kit. My miraculous Leatherman Micra (it has scissors!). Two Bic lighters (small). A decent size bag for food, some line, and a few carabiners. Duct tape (on my trekking poles and in a ziplock). Hygiene kit. A baseball cap to wear in town (because my hair will become unruly, and while we will be living like hobos I don’t want to remove all doubt). Extra batteries, charger for the phone, and headphones. A copy of AWOL’s AT Guide (one copy will be left at home so Michelle can keep track of us and know where to send mail drops). A watch (digital, with an alarm, probably something cheap. I stopped wearing a watch last year, and the only two I own are expensive, analog, and have sentimental meaning). Rolling papers (just kidding). Bourbon (not kidding). Trash compactor bag as a backpack liner (keeps your stuff dry in your pack if you remember to close it up). I haven’t decided on having a backpack rain cover. It may be redundant if I am using a trash compactor bag inside the pack, but I can always cut a few holes in an extra trash compactor bag and cover the pack with it. Might as well, the cheapest pack cover at REI is 25.00, and a thirty count box of 18 gallon trash compactor bags is like 10.00 at Home Depot. Home Depot wins. Pack covers are B.S. anyway. I have to keep my down shit dry, not fashionable.

So we are going to REI to pick up a few stuff sacks, and other little pieces. Then it’s off to Home Depot for trash compactor bags. I still need to seam seal this damned tent, and it’s raining right now. We should have slept in it tonight.

I thought about bringing a pocket New Testament (Chalcedon compliant translation, I like my religion organized), and maybe a paperback novel. While some would balk at the extra weight, seriously, who cares? They don’t have to carry it. And if I get weary of carrying a few extra ounces I can leave it laying around in a hostel.

Bailey’s Unofficial Gear List

Pack: REI Crestrail 48 Liter.

Sleeping: Sierra Designs Zissou down bag, ThermaRest Z-Lite pad.

Shelter: Extra tarp or Tyvek (one of us will carry the tent the other the ground cloth and stakes). An extra Tyvek sheet will serve as a ground cloth for when we stop during the day.

Clothing: Sahara pants (copy cat), synthetic short sleeve shirts (copy cat), North Face fleece full zip (courtesy of a my father in law), REI down jacket (copy cat), Darn Tuff socks (copy cat), Keen Targhees (spelling?), Buff (fleece, and his hair is not only unruly it is downright offensive), Ex Officio boxer briefs.

Cooking: MSR Pocket Rocket (copy cat), GSI Soloist pot (copy cat), Sea to Summit spork.

Water: SmartWater bottles (copy cat), Sawyer Squeeze (“I don’t like my water to taste like Meme just cleaned the bathroom”), Platypus bag.

Rain: Frogg Toggs (copy cat), he’s buying a rain kilt for the summer.

Head lamp: Petzl. It was mine, and I bought it at Going Gear a few months ago, showed it to him, then put it with my gear downstairs. I couldn’t find it when we were getting ready for the backcountry hunting trip, so I bought the Black Diamond, hoping it would turn up later. It did. He had it. He kept it. Let this be a lesson, locks keep people honest (that’s a boot camp mantra).

Little crap: A Leatherman CS (which he stole from me, it has scissors!), first aid kit (primary, because he wants to go to med school or be a vet), hygiene kit (total B.S. because he smells like a stale taco three hours after he takes a shower), extra line or paracord, carabiners, duct tape, repair kit, journal with pen, headphones, iPod Classic (we may switch this out, because that really is mine and I loaded up a bunch of music and videos to it), Bic lighter, rolling papers, bourbon (not sure if I should let him have access to fire, but the rest sounds okay).

What does he need? Sleep and town clothes, some Crocs so he can be like the other hiker trash, and some stuff sacks. We always need stuff sacks.

This is the set in stone unchangeable gear list for March-April/May, as was prophesied by the oracle, and in accordance with the wishes of the gods. We will await instructions from the messengers as to what we will need after April/May, but we have burned incense and offerings hoping for hammocks. Because sleeping pads, even those filled with air, suck. Suck. They suck. Hammocks are the sleep choice of the gods.

Now, no shizit, we are going take pictures and/or video of this crap. For those family members, and friends, who are dubious regarding the veracity and efficiency of these items. I know, it’s getting tired, no pictures, no videos. Promises promises.



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