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Media What Day?

Should have been on Monday, but now it is on the darkest hour of Thursday/Friday.

Remember the 80’s? I hate Baby Boomers. They had Elvis and the Beatles, which as we all know died (die Paul, we all know you were the Walrus. I played the White Album backwards.).

The 80’s had the best music. REM played on Letterman, and rap emerged. New Wave, which all the kids today call “Dance” or “Techno” or “Electronic” or “Trance” or whatever, became mainstream. Punk was counter-culture, today it’s Greenday or even Fallout Boy. See? The 80’s were the expression of Generation X and the formation of Gen-Y/Millenials.

So I was hitting up the forgotten stuff. I scoured my iPod and found Cock Robin. Did you forget them? I did. But seriously they were a sort of Kings of Leon type band, right? Peter Kingsbery, the lead singer, is actually pretty popular in France where he lives now. As opposed to the fickle U.S. (Texas). So I give you Cock Robin’s anthem/ballad “When Your Heart is Weak”

So, I think Kings of Leon might have ripped a sound off. And others. Cock Robin is still a band, from time to time, and Kingsbery is still writing songs.

Who remembers Nu Shooz?

Still married, living in Portland (with a son), making music (NuShooz Orchestra). The 80’s never die (Bebe’s kids reference, we don’t die we multiply).

Chris Isaak is still making music (remember his television show?), and still touring.

How’s that for a Texas-Feel-Em-Up?

So how did I get from Cock Robin to Nu Shooz to Chris Isaak? Simple. Cock Robin was fronted by a guy from Texas, and the video had a desert feel. The video was not popular, and the band was great. Nu Shooz was a new wave type group, and their videos played around the the same time frame, which led to me thinking about them. Anytime I think about Texas, (read- videos with a cactus in the background), I think about steel guitars, and that leads to the Chris Isaak song “Wicked Game”. I don’t want to go any further, because Lynch used the song in some of his films and that would end up becoming deranged. Enjoy.




One thought on “Media What Day?

  1. I dont understand except rock and roll will be forever on, maybe even in heaven.i hope so.


    Posted by georgia faye cook | January 23, 2015, 12:02 pm

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