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Apocalypse on paper and digitized for your enjoyment

If you keep up with upcoming movie releases, and the current crop, you will notice something. A fascination with the “End”. You can also find this trend in reading material as well. Let’s rattle off a few. Movies: Chappie, Insurgent, the Mad Max reboot, and Terminator continues with Genisys. Television: Dig (on USA) deals with … Continue reading

Weather or Not? Hold up there.

In the Metro Atlanta area we are experiencing what the local media has decided to be a “winter storm”. It’s nothing really, just some flurries, temps in the 20’s or thereabouts, and then the sleet. Yankees laugh at us, but the truth is our roads are paved differently here. EPA and other gubmint agencies (damned … Continue reading

Happy Hiker Trash

Life is short, climb a mountain!


Addiction, Mental Health, Stigma, Spirituality

Wanderstruck Studio

Stories and Fiber Art from 5,000 Miles of Adventures, by Kris Grenier

Grady P Brown - Author

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