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Writing Soundtracks: Act 1

Wake up, you’re gettin’ high on your own supply
Oh, baby, you’re still alive when you could’ve died, oh
The world is not around because of you
You know I’m not around because of you

You’ve got a mouthful of diamonds
And a pocketful of secrets
I know you’re never telling anyone
Because the patterns they control your mind
Those patterns take away my time
Hello, goodbye

Wasted, you tell the truth when you could’ve lied
And troubles are on the rise cuz you’re in disguise, oh
And if it isn’t me then pack your bags and leave
I wish I could believe those devils won’t take you back
Out to the salty sea

You’ve got a mouthful of diamonds
And a pocketful of secrets
I know you’re never telling anyone
Because the patterns they control your mind
Those patterns take away my time
Hello, goodbye

I wish I could believe…
(Phantogram- Mouthful of Diamonds)

I’m gettin’ serious, and whatnot, about writing. I do the usual freelance stuff, but with school starting back up I decided to scale back to focus on Bailey and getting him through the 8th grade with a little more OOMPH than he generally puts out. As a stay at home/homeschooling dad I have learned to balance some things now. I’ll admit there were times of frustration, but we are over that river. We did make a decision that he will attend a public high school next year, so that means we (me and my son) will need to focus. Cue up the head coach locker room spiel with background music (words like effort, one hundred and ten percent, struggle, triumph, and persevere come to mind).

Also I will begin, in earnest, my novel. Don’t laugh. While on the AT I toyed with some ideas, and there were plenty of them. When we came home my little notebook was crammed full of story ideas, but nothing jumped out at me. Frankly, I’m at a point where I would just be happy to get some words on paper instead of just staring at the blank space. I ran some ideas past the boy and he helped me narrow it down. I won’t reveal the story line yet. I decided to do an experiment, at Bailey’s suggestion.

He is really into music. It is an addiction for him. He walks around with his phone, headphones in, and Spotify blaring. He tells me music motivates him. Whatever it takes to get him to put up dishes, and laundry. He suggested I use music for my writing. Not just to listen to for motivation, but for plotting and characters. He told me he has his own personal soundtrack. Don’t we all?

I’d like to think mine starts out with AC/DC, moves into Metallica, then for the slow parts The Smiths or The Cure. An REM song will play at the end.

He directed me to some YA writers he reads. On their websites they often list songs they are listening to in regards to characters or chapters. David Levithan’s “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist” probably had one. A good many YA writers have technogeeks running their websites so they have “Listen Now” buttons. Alas, this is WordPress, and I am but a lowly peasant, unskilled in such things.

I’ll do something different. I’ll just put lyrics, and a link to the artist and song. You start guessing. What is the story about?



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