About Tales and Such

I write stuff. You want to know more?

I was a police. I worked for a corporation after that. The money was great, but I noticed I was not very happy. I taught in a school, and that caused me to be desperate. Now I am writing. Daily. It’s a job. Don’t laugh. I graduated from “The Ivy League of the South” (Mercer University) and had the debt to show for it. Liberal Arts degrees are still contentious, as far as I am concerned. But if that’s something you aspire to, take my advice and go to a state school. Same stuff, only cheaper.

Married, kid, dogs. I hunt, fish, read, teach, eat, write, sleep, and watch too much television.

Are you published?
Yes. Mostly freelance gigs, but some stuff made it into literary magazines. I’m not getting rich doing it, and could care less about the money side. I do this blog for myself, and family who are in another state. Facebook is so 2007, and Twitter is a joke (how do you convey emotion in less than twenty words, especially if you talk a lot). I’m diligently cranking out a book. You’ll love it. Actually I’m working on two, no wait… Three. Yeah 3. Three books. This is mostly due to my being afflicted with ADHD, which turns out to be a blessing for me and a curse for those around me.

I am married to a school teacher who monitors your state mandated younglings. Every summer we go somewhere and do something. Together we made a human, we call him Bailey. Currently he stands at eye level with me, despite his only being twelve. Either I am short or he is tall. I have been told I am of average male height, so I’ll go with him being tall. We have two dogs; Lola, who is a German Shepherd/Great Dane mix (she also answers to Big Sexy and Come On), and Bo Duke, a Black and Tan Coonhound (he only answers when asked twice).

In January of 2014 our son brought up some guy he saw on YouTube (damned internet) thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. He was fascinated that you could walk from Georgia to Maine on this path, and that many people had done it. Mostly hippies. I told him how I wanted to do just such a thing, but never had the opportunity because I was tricked into becoming a responsible adult. He pointed out I did not put towels into the clothes hamper which irritates his mother/my wife, and is a good indication I harbored irresponsible adult tendencies, which, as it turns out, are character traits of successful thru-hikers. Since I failed at becoming a boxer, and never got around to being an astronaut, I realized I could walk, and that is a requisite for being a thru-hiker. How far can I walk? I don’t know. As Steven Wright says, “Everywhere is in walking distance, if you have the time.” His idea became mine, so now we will thru-hike the AT, and embrace our inner hippie. Start date: 03/01/2015.

I use this blog to hash out story ideas (don’t steal them, please, lawyers are nasty creatures), ramble about situations, and update our thru-hike planning.



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