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Writing Soundtracks: Act 1

Wake up, you’re gettin’ high on your own supply Oh, baby, you’re still alive when you could’ve died, oh The world is not around because of you You know I’m not around because of you You’ve got a mouthful of diamonds And a pocketful of secrets I know you’re never telling anyone Because the patterns … Continue reading

And finished… for now

It’s true. We ended our journey at the half-way point. Our last zero day was in Waynesboro, Va. I was nursing a spider bite that turned my ankle into mush, and a probable Lyme disease infection (a bullseye rash developed on my leg). I took antibiotics, but I couldn’t go another step. We do plan … Continue reading

Back on for the Hike On…

Bailey is finishing his state mandated testing. A requirement to prove we are capable parents and he has learned something while in our care. And that is a good thing, because we can get back to what matters. Putting in near Erwin and finishing the trail. Over the days we have sat trapped in a … Continue reading

And thus far…

So here are the highlights of our adventure/foolish walk thus far, recorded in hindsight: Left the visitor center on a Saturday after registering and weighing our packs. Michelle bought us AT bandanas; mine is red, Bailey’s is blue. His has since been used exclusively as a snot rag. Mine has a rock from the top … Continue reading

Rain and zero

So we made it to Neels Gap. Our tent, while light, held water like a camel. So we switched out to a Big Agnes UL. Did I mention it rains every day? Well it does. We stayed with a guy named Turbo at the Blood Mt. Cabins to dry out. The next day we hiked … Continue reading

And we’re off…

Seriously. We leave in the morning. Bye. I’ll post pictures and words and stuff when I get into towns with WiFi. Also: I forgot how much food weighed. Too much. So I guess the remedy is to hike fast so you don’t carry as much food. Because that crap can weigh as much as your … Continue reading

Unpacking your days in a box

  With only six days left until we set off on our thru-hike Bailey and I each have a list of things we need to accomplish before we leave. While our mental checklists have some of the same things we do differ in some aspects. Bailey is still completing some assignments for his classwork. A … Continue reading

Apocalypse on paper and digitized for your enjoyment

If you keep up with upcoming movie releases, and the current crop, you will notice something. A fascination with the “End”. You can also find this trend in reading material as well. Let’s rattle off a few. Movies: Chappie, Insurgent, the Mad Max reboot, and Terminator continues with Genisys. Television: Dig (on USA) deals with … Continue reading

Weather or Not? Hold up there.

In the Metro Atlanta area we are experiencing what the local media has decided to be a “winter storm”. It’s nothing really, just some flurries, temps in the 20’s or thereabouts, and then the sleet. Yankees laugh at us, but the truth is our roads are paved differently here. EPA and other gubmint agencies (damned … Continue reading

Media Day: Go Away

YouTube, like the internet, has changed the way we interact with information. Anybody can put anything (within reason) up on YouTube and away you go. A good bit is pretty much a trend watch, like all those Harlem Shake videos. Some of it is useful, like TED Talks. Bootleg movies, and comedy clips are always … Continue reading

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