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Was it all that you wanted? Along with a hype you up pep talk

TWD, that zombie show, or The Walking Dead, had its season premier Sunday night. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel. It was worth it. SPOILERS AHEAD!!! Just as all was lost the Amazonian Styled Warrior Queen, Carol, came to the rescue. Close cropped hair and all. She’s learned how to handle firearms and formulate plans like an … Continue reading

Human Nature?

This morning I was finishing up some research on my home state. As usual I meandered through a heap of news stories dating back to the dark ages (1990s). In Georgia there was one event that captured attention. The murder of Sara Tokars. It’s been over twenty years since she was murdered in front of … Continue reading

Because it’s there

Is your life a dull, brassy, patina? Just enough shine in it to make you want to get up to see what comes next. Or maybe it’s lacking in just about everything. Need some inspiration to become a wanderer? An adventurer? Read “Wild”, but don’t jump on the heroin addiction just to have something to … Continue reading

All In One (Media Monday, Words on Wednesday, and AT)

My wife and I have this concoction we make for dinner when time is not so handy. We called it “all in one”. You boil your pasta, brown the meat, and then combine the two, throw in your vegetation, sauce, cheese, cover it or throw it in the oven for a few, and you are … Continue reading

Never a Good Idea

Want to shock people? Come up with something so benign it hurts, and then add something at the other end of the spectrum. What if: Instead of getting the Christmas Spirit old Ebenezer decided money was more important? What if he went to little Tim’s funeral and then went to dinner with friends later on? … Continue reading

Media Monday

I won’t lie. We watch the Walking Dead. By “we” I mean Bailey and I, Michelle won’t have anything to do with it. I will speculate the reasons why so many guys like the show has something to do with an adolescent fascination with not only Zombies, Zombie movies, and the gore, but also the … Continue reading

Happy Hiker Trash

Life is short, climb a mountain!


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