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Be a dirt bag. Not the quintessential type, with nefarious intentions, low intellect, crude language, and loose morals. The frugal kind. We Americans are in love with spending funds. We like making money, complain when we aren’t making enough, and, despite what some commentators on national news will tell you, we like to spend it. … Continue reading

A roof over our heads

I know I made a big deal about the hammocks. I know I sang the praises of the Warbonnet Blackbird (thanks Brandon, for making a product that allows me to enjoy the backcountry). Bailey was wishing he could hang his Hennessy in his bedroom, and forego a bed altogether. What changed? The weather. My research. … Continue reading

Time is not your friend

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 Today is my son’s birthday. Thirteen years flew by. Now, more than ever, I am looking forward to our upcoming “journey”. For a little while, 5 months or so, time will stall as we walk north towards Maine from Springer Mountain. At first, when relatives heard of our plan, they were … Continue reading

All In One (Media Monday, Words on Wednesday, and AT)

My wife and I have this concoction we make for dinner when time is not so handy. We called it “all in one”. You boil your pasta, brown the meat, and then combine the two, throw in your vegetation, sauce, cheese, cover it or throw it in the oven for a few, and you are … Continue reading

Trail Ready

Crossfit, P90X, Couch to 10K, Sweatin’ to the Oldies. These type of fitness programs have been used by hopeful thru-hikers to get into shape for their start date. Nothing wrong with any of them, except maybe one of them. Or all of them. What do I know? I have an English degree and a disdain … Continue reading

Trail Stuff

This is for my family and friends who asked about how we were going to survive while meandering towards Maine. If looking at, or reading about, backpacking gear does not hold your interest you should move along. Listen to music or something. Sleeping and Shelter Stuff The AT is unique, as far as hiking trails … Continue reading

Doom and Destruction on the Trail

“So what you gonna carry?” “The usual things. A shelter system, water treatment, extra socks, stove, food, and…” “Naw, man! What kind of pistol?” “I’m not going to take one.” “Why not?” And then the conversation ensued with my father-in-law. Preface to the whole thing is in order. I was a police for over ten … Continue reading


I am located here: My plan is to start here: Travel north to this place: And climb to the top of this: I’m not walking 2,180 miles by myself. I’m taking Superman (aka Tank, aka Bailey, aka cleanyourdamnroom): My son has taken to using acronyms as actual speech. Oddly enough backpackers, specifically long distance hikers, … Continue reading

Happy Hiker Trash

Life is short, climb a mountain!


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