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Was it all that you wanted? Along with a hype you up pep talk

TWD, that zombie show, or The Walking Dead, had its season premier Sunday night. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel. It was worth it. SPOILERS AHEAD!!! Just as all was lost the Amazonian Styled Warrior Queen, Carol, came to the rescue. Close cropped hair and all. She’s learned how to handle firearms and formulate plans like an … Continue reading

Human Nature?

This morning I was finishing up some research on my home state. As usual I meandered through a heap of news stories dating back to the dark ages (1990s). In Georgia there was one event that captured attention. The murder of Sara Tokars. It’s been over twenty years since she was murdered in front of … Continue reading

Map Making B.S.

Background stuff (next week it will be characters, plot, and what not) In 1978 the official road map for the state of Michigan had two towns on it that are very hard to find, even if you were to drive there. Goblu and Beatosu, Michigan, are quaint and picturesque. Antique stores? By gone era America … Continue reading

All In One (Media Monday, Words on Wednesday, and AT)

My wife and I have this concoction we make for dinner when time is not so handy. We called it “all in one”. You boil your pasta, brown the meat, and then combine the two, throw in your vegetation, sauce, cheese, cover it or throw it in the oven for a few, and you are … Continue reading

Never a Good Idea

Want to shock people? Come up with something so benign it hurts, and then add something at the other end of the spectrum. What if: Instead of getting the Christmas Spirit old Ebenezer decided money was more important? What if he went to little Tim’s funeral and then went to dinner with friends later on? … Continue reading

Words on Wednesday: 13 Reasons Why

Jay Asher is not John Green. Enough said? Maybe not. Two entirely different writers. Writers hate being compared to each other (nature of the beast). In this story Jay Asher is dealing with the aftermath. Let me be up front: I have not readĀ Fault in Our Stars, nor have I seen the movie. I know … Continue reading

The Apostle by Brad Thor

Sometimes you read trash. Why? Let’s see… Simon and Schuster Publishing gave Snooki a book deal, twice. That means they, “they” being the gatekeepers of literature, thought Snooki might have something to add to the canon of literature. If I had to choose between Snooki and Brad Thor, I’d go with Brad Thor every single … Continue reading

Written Words Wednesday

I’ll try my damnedest to post about a book I’m reading every Wednesday. This should keep me on my toes, because while I used to read a book every week I have fallen behind. Let’s not get all excited, this does require some effort on my part, and you know how I feel about effort. … Continue reading

Somewhere, around here, there is a demon lurking

Did it again. This time it was actually interesting and not really goofing off. I started looking around and following links, but this time I did not find any weird conspiracy theory involving lizard people, Obama, and the Illuminati. I found demons. I have no idea where Portal, Georgia is. I’m going to assume it’s … Continue reading

Happy Hiker Trash

Life is short, climb a mountain!


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